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1. DRIVEWAYS - Cost Effective Driveways and Walkways

Grass Path and Grass Stabilisation Systems
COREgrass Grass reinforcement grids for maximum load support- COREgrass grass reinforcement grids provide amazing stability, grass protection and sustainable drainage, whilst delivering the desirable visual and natural effect of grass paving.

Gravel Path and Gravel Stabilisation Systems -
This product is a unique gravel stabilisation system that transforms loose gravel driveways and access areas into a firm gravel surface. The gravel stabiliser provides an excellent low maintenance finish that is ideal, not just for cars and bicycles but also for disabled, wheelchair and pushchair access to private, public and commercial premises.

Gravel Systems can be a good replacement when looking to change that tired old looking cobblestone driveway or garden walkways into a new bright and modern compact gravel stone surface.

Please note the Gravel Stabilisation System is not always required when looking to create that modern look in the garden or access area.   

The Benefits:

- The ability to use rounded or angular gravels
- The option to use a gravel surface for disabled access or cycle paths
- Low maintenance
- Weed growth is inhibited
- No Sinking
- No Rutting
- No Spreading
- Free Draining
- Wheelchair Friendly
- Durable and long lasting
- Quick and Easy to install
- Environmentally Friendly


2. Synthetic Grass

Covering lawns has become big business; people are tired of mowing the lawn on sunny days when they could have their feet up chatting to friends and family. Keeping the garden can be a thankless job as realistically we only get 4 months a year, if we are lucky to enjoy it. That is why so many people who have small gardens decide to lay artificial grass.

We offer a premium quality range of grass that has such realistic attributes that you have to look twice to realise it is artificial. We provide a professional installation service, ensuring minimal disruption and a lawn that is ready for use immediately.

So why not tidy up the garden, public area, playground, putting green or steal the show at corporate events, exhibitions and in the salesroom?

Benifits of a Synthetic Grass: 
- Very low maintenance
- You get no seasonal colour changes
- It resists intensive use
- Excellent resilience to properties
- No watering and fertilizing
- Does not stimulate allergies
- no weed or moss to clear
- Child and animal friendly