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Our Supplies - Here you will find some of the products supplied when using Go Green Gardening on your next project. Please note that all stone provided is from registered BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Stone Suppliers
Granite - Granite is one of the hardest & strongest stones in the world, its natural beauty can be seen almost everywhere. Granite isused in both private & commercial projects throughout the world on a daily basis. From granite cobble sets to granite kerbs to granite slabs.

Limestone - Limestone is a very tough durable stone which blends with the old and new Landscapes alike.

Indian Sandstone - Indian Sandstone is available in a choice of various colours designed to suit most types of garden, be it traditional or contempory. Indian Sandstone helps create your outdoor ambience with its authentic appearance, beauty and elegance.

Asian Quartz - Asian Quartz paving is an attractive natural paving slab with an excellent shine property and riven surface.

Sandstone Cobbles and Kerbstone - Suitable for all Driveways, Pathways and Edging.
Stepping Stones - Varied shapes colours and sizes

Decorative Natural Stone - Decoratibe Natural Stone can transform anything from a flowerbed, to a garden to a driveway in no time at all. All you need to do is use your imagination. All decorative stone comes in different types, colours and size and is supplied in tonne sacks or bulk loads.

Wall Cappings and Pilar cappings - Available in both Silver grey Granite and Gold Granite (Apex style and in two sizes)

Turf (Roll out the quality) - Our turfgrass is cultivated and obtained from only leading growers which in turn gives both us and the client peace of mind when looking for the best results. Cut fresh and rolled out on the same day instantly transforms any area to create beautiful lush lawns for your home, gardens, parks, golf courses and sports pitches.

Soil and Mulch - Available in Tonne sack, Half Tonne sack or bulk loads when necessary 

Recess Manhole Covers - Don't want an eyesore to take away from your project, add the finishing touch to your garden with a recessed manhole cover. Lifting handles available, guaranteed to complete a job to perfection. 

Sleepers - Timber Sleepers are a versatile important element in the design process. Timber sleepers can be used in both horizontal and vertical position for a wide range of application such as edging, raised planters or step risers. Timber sleepers can be cut with the safe use of a good Chainsaw.
Channel Drain - Channel drain systems are efficient, lightweight and easy to install.
A complete surface water drainage system. These particular drain systems are an effective and popular solution when perimeter drains are needed for hardscaped areas to remove large amounts of water. Common applications include patios , private driveways , play areas , walkways , courtyards , athletic fields , tennis courts , and in front of garage doors. Designed to withstand 5 tonne vehicle weight.

Sealers and Cleaners - Go Green Gardening provide a large comprehensive range of sealers and cleaners to suit all types of stone. Go Green recomend to seal your paving to help protect against moss, dirt, algae, spillages etc. Sealing your paving will leave it easier to maintain as it is not maintenance free. To maintain your paving Go Green can provide you with the proper cleaner to keep your garden looking at its best. Cleaning your paving once a year around March/April is usually enough but sometimes a second time is required around October/November.

Go Green Gardening tries to ensure that any advice, recommendation or information it may give is accurate. No liability of any kind is accepted by Go Green Gardening or its servents